The Divine Playlist: 5 of the Best Black Christian and Faith-Based Podcasts

The Divine Playlist: 5 of the Best Black Christian and Faith-Based Podcasts

Are you ready to expand your spiritual journey and dive into some inspiring content? Look no further than these top-rated Black Christian and faith-based podcasts. 

Whether you're a faith-based entrepreneur looking for direction or you're just interested in any and all things Christian podcast-related, each podcast below offers unique insights, stories, and teachings that can help you deepen your understanding of your faith and self. With every show hosted by thoughtful and talented Black hosts from diverse backgrounds, you're bound to find a gem or two.

So, sit back, relax, and let us put you on to what's happening in the faith-based audio content world and all the amazing podcasts and stories it has to offer!

1. "Melanated Faith

Hosted by Faitth Brooks and Kathryn Freeman, "Melanated Faith” is a refreshingly honest and insightful podcast that, according to the co-hosts, spills the real tea on all things faith, race, and pop-culture related. Hailed as "important voices in a chaotic culture," Faitth and Kathryn are known for their hard truths that point modern-day Christians closer to Christ. 


2. "Truth's Table

Co-hosted by Michelle Higgins, Christina Edmondson, and Ekemini Uwan, "Truth's Table" is a podcast by and for Black women that explores the intersection of faith, race, politics, culture, and gender through a Christian lens. With lively discussions and diverse perspectives, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand how their faith connects with the world around them.


3. "Pass the Mic

"Pass the Mic'' is a podcast hosted by Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns that focuses on issues of race and culture within and outside the church. With a mix of interviews and roundtable discussions, this podcast tackles tough topics, from how to live a soft life as a Black man to using social media for ministry with grace, wisdom, and, best of all, humor.


4. "Three Black Men: Theology, Culture and The World Around Us"

Hosted by Marcus Lloyd, Brandon Watts, and John Harris III, "Three Black Men: Theology, Culture and The World Around Us" is a podcast that explores the intersection of theology and culture through a Black lens. With a focus on real-world issues and a commitment to authentic conversation, this podcast is a great resource for anyone seeking to engage with theology in a meaningful and relevant way.


5. "It Is Well with Jasmine Caldwell

Are you on your journey to financial freedom through business? "It Is Well" is a podcast hosted by Jasmine Caldwell that aims to help Black Christian women tell and live out their best entrepreneurial stories by sharing business advice and the testimonies of successful women. From laying the foundations of scaling a kingdom business to exploring identity over income, this podcast is for insightful entrepreneurs ready to level up by faith, inspiration, and action. 

Found a Black faith-based podcast to add to your queue? 

There’s a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment out there from Black Christian creators, so tune in, share what you like, and let these podcasts help you grow in your faith!

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